Senior Executive, SME Account Validation


Kuala Lumpur, MY, 50100

Category:  Permanent
Facility:  1072

Job responsibilities



  1. To check the Business Current Account documentation are completed accurately in accordance with the Bank’s guidelines and policies.  This includes required-to-submit documents, invalidation stamp, BNM codes for accounts opened via DBOS, BDS and e-BCA covering SME, Commercial and Corporate businesses.


  1. To approve (Checker) on the DBOS accounts for Northern & Southern regions and e-BCA for nationwide.


  1. Check all relevant information are captured accurately in Host system including maintenance of selected codes


  1. Liaising with sales and branch staff on account opening documentation and discrepancies in data entries.


  1. Arrange CRM submission for Bizsmart application.


  1. Conduct signature verification for DBOS accounts which where the customer’s signature fails to capture.


  1. To prepare and complete any management report as and when required.




Job Requirements


Well-versed in account opening procedures, guidelines and policies.

Familiar with DBOS, BDS and CRM systems.





At least 5 years of banking experience, preferably branch operations.